DNSYE Hall of Fame

The 2021/22 season was a cluster - we all know that. However there were some people that we would like to recognise and place into the newly formed "Do Not Scratch Your Eyes" Hall of Fame! Only those who are not in the Watford FC Hall of Fame are eligible to enter the DNSYE version but other than that it is fair game to nominate people for inclusion!

Holly and Jess lols and roo.png

For services to twitter match team announcements

Holly and Jess livened up the 2020/21 season with their energetic match team announcements on twitter. Bouncing and shouting, they expended more energy than the starting eleven on many occasions!

Well done girls - you gave us something to look forward to an hour before kick off! 

Helen Ward .png

100 international caps and face of the women's team

Helen Ward's career contiues to be simply immense, but this year saw her make her 100th international cap for Wales! If that, on top of being the public face of the women's team in another year of growth in the profile of the women's game isn't enough to get into the Hall of Fame - then we don't know what is!!!

She still owes us chocolate brownies though!!!! Just saying.....

Murwalls - GT & SEJ Murals and the subway of legends

The first day of the season saw hope and expectation but also the start of what we hope will be an on-going relationship with the amazing "Murwalls" - The GT mural left everyone breathless, bringing together the club history and present in a manner that was just spectacular. Then the Vicarage Road subway was transformed with legends of days gone by including Luther, TC, Cliff Holton, Sir Nigel Gibbs, Duncan Welbourne, A huge Tommy Mooney celebration and of course Troy scoring that goal!!! The Sir Elton John mural now adorns his stand in club kit in time for his concerts in July. 

Marc Silver and the Murwalls team are lovely guys and are doing this up and down the country for clubs and now overseas too! Thank you gents for bringing our club history to life in such an incredible way.