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DNSYE Prediction League

The Opposition Show forecast league

League table 5 games.png

Each Championship game we will be talking to an opposition podcast and Justin and Carl will be predicting the score line for the forthcoming game. This as you may remember is not one of their strengths (if it were we'd be in the Europa league at the moment!). 

The rules (like the contestants) are simple

Correctly predicting W/D/L gains 1 point

Predicting the correct score difference gains 1 point

Completely correct score gains 1 point

Example Match result is 1-0

Justin predicts          1-0       3 points   WDL, Score difference, Score

Carlos predicts         2-1       2 points   WDL, Score difference

Opponent predicts   3-1       1 point     WDL

Pete Predicts             0-0      0 points   Pete's not even in this nonsense!""

Watford score given first home and away

Results and Fixtures

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