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The Void - Jack Foster

To hell with the game. The players couldn’t be bothered to turn up, so I don’t see why I should give them coverage. A team that has packed it in for the season got what they deserved, and that’s all you need to know if you didn’t see it.

What continues to merit discussion is the cancerous culture perpetrated by Gino Pozzo and his cronies, Scott Duxbury and Cristiano Giaretta. Pozzo has completely lost the sense of how a football club ought to be run, and his complete lack of leadership has infected every corner of the club. Coaches and players seem to long for their ticket out of town, and the fanbase is in disarray. In fact, the only notable occurrences during the game were a Watford fan charging the pitch after a supposed missed foul on Joao Pedro, and the commentators’ microphones picking up an argument between Watford fans near the end. There is clearly discontent among the fanbase, but it is being misdirected toward managers, players, referees and each other. I am on the other side of the ocean, but I implore the fans who regularly attend; voice your displeasure wholeheartedly at direct it at the owner’s box. The longer Pozzo is allowed to continue without resistance, the further the club is dragged into darkness and disrepair.

The larvae that call themselves hornets will return to Vicarage Road on Tuesday to face Birmingham City, with club legend Troy Deeney making his return home. As jarring as the experience would be, what needs to happen is the fans booing and ridiculing their own squad for 90 minutes. Regardless of results, they are comfortably collecting paychecks every week. The management and players need to be told to their faces that we will not stand for their rubbish anymore.

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