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It Could Have Been Us - Maximilian Sam

There never seems to be a wrong time to bring out the photo of the “dodgy geezer” in a hard hat who didn’t even seem to know his own name. It’s a picture you’ll need to keep in mind as you read on.

Painful as it feels, I have to congratulate that lot from Bedfordshire. They deserve the promotion.

It could have been us. We started the season with the manager who’s taken them up. I’m yet to see a reason, or even understand, why we let him go. It made no sense then, and even less now. A word of advice to the club. When there’s an international break, get the gaffer tape and use it liberally on Gino. Locking him in a room as added security may be an idea, too. Why? Purely because he seems to get bored when we have a week off and so creates drama by firing another manager. The fans, players, sponsors, and everyone else are bored with it. So, in the immortal words of Captain Blackadder, “please, please, please, STOP”.


It could have been us if the players had worked hard and cared. With very few exceptions, they didn’t. If they read this and are hurt by it, they should be. All of them need to look in the mirror and ask if they gave everything. When they see the answer, they should hurt. Hurt to an extent they want to put it right. Hurt to the extent they try to build bridges with the fans. They should also be angry with the club for constantly changing manager. It breeds a toxic atmosphere. Not an easy scenario to give your best.

It may seem I’ve set my sights on Gino, but I haven’t. He needs some home truths explaining to him and to ensure he lets others get on with the job he’s hired them for without hindrance. He does still have credit in the bank, but it’s running out fast.

It could have been us. The “dodgy geezer” in the hard hat oversaw a stadium with a condemned stand and took us to within an hour of ceasing to exist. Make no mistake, the Pozzo family saved the club. Look around now and we have a compact, very pleasant stadium. Had the deal not happened in the nick of time, non-league football could have been something we would aspire to achieve.

Safe as houses?

It’s why I’m congratulating the misguided lot from Junction 10. Twenty years ago they did, in effect, lose their club through financial mismanagement and a horror show of an owner. It’s taken a long time, but they’ve fought their way back from the ashes to reach the promised land. However, you may feel about their club and town, they deserve respect and credit for the achievement in the same way we’d expect it if it were us, which it nearly was.

As the season ends, there’s so many levels my summation of the season makes sense. It could have been us.

Maximilian Sam grew up above his mother’s clothes shop on St. Albans Road. He’s old enough to remember Luther Blissett playing for England Under 21s at Vicarage Road. He’s lived all over the World and always found another Watford fan to share the roller-coaster of a ride being a Hornet brings wherever he’s been. He is also an award-winning author of children’s books about the stray dogs he now looks after. You can find out more at

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